Fenton, William Henry: Service no. 53225 (Military Cross)

Digitized Service Record

Brother to Clarence Fenton.


Clarence Fenton, right;, William Henry Fenton, center; and Alex Robertson, left. Taken at the time Lt. Fenton received his Military Cross from King George V. Buckingham Palace is in the background. Source: LAC, mikan no. 3216655


Lt. Fenton, left, his brother Clarence, center; and Alex Robertson, left. Pictured outside Buckingham Palace at the presentation of Lt. Fenton’s Military Cross. Source: LAC, mikan no. 3215527

Clarence Fenton was Lt. Fenton’s brother and served in the 18th Battalion. The relationship to Alex Robertson is unknown as is his regimental number.

Awarded Military Cross per London Gazette, October 16, 1917, Supplement 30340, page 10713


Friends with Pte. Sydney Hampton with a mention in a letter dated August 16th, 1916.

No 53040. AA Q Staff. 18th Battn.

West-Sandling Camp. Hythe

Kent, England

August 16th 1915

Dear Friends:

It is so long since I wrote you a letter I am afraid that you will be thinking that I have forgotten you, but I couldn’t do that. George is quit [quite] well and we getting along fine. Do you know that William Fenton is with us? He is sitting at same table with and Is also busily engaged writing letters and wishes to be remembered to you. He is looking well and this life seems to agree with him, he is a fine fellow and gets along fine. He is in the Pioneers and sleeps in the same room with me. He and I went for a good walk around the country last Sunday and went to an old ancient church at night. We have very comfortable quarters here and think the army is alright.

We are very busy these days with Brigade training and maneuvers, last week with our Brigade (4th) had a sham fight with the 5th Brigade as our enemy. We outmaneuvered them after fighting hard all day.

Say it was splendid to see our artillery come into action. They came galloping up hard us with our guns and tenders, and when they reached the top of the hill they swing the guns into position, took the horses off and opened fire, and all done while you could say Jack Johnson. Oh this is the file and the real lif [life] too. I wish Walter were with us he would certainly enjoy this life.

We are soon going to begin divisional training and that means a trip across the channel to meet our friends the enemy[.] I hope only I get about half a dozen of the “Huns” before they get me. If I come back from this turn out I will come and see you but I intend of making my home in the west. I often dream of Canada, but alas I am awakened by the sharp notes on the bugle which tell us to get up and get busy. I do not think this war will last all winter, hope it doesn’t anyway.

How are the crops this year? We hear that you have had sme [some] violent storms lately. I hope that they have done you no damage. Kindly remember me to all the folks and let us know how you and the children are getting along.

Sincerely your,


Hampton, Sydney: Service no. 53040 letterFenton, William Henry 53225 attestation paper 2 Fenton, William Henry 53225 attestation paper


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