Jolie, John Ernest: Service no. 3131396 (Military Medal)

Digitized Service Record

Source: “Duty Nobly Done” page 290.

Military Medal

Photo of Private Jolie taken circa 1918, possibly Witley Camp. He is the man left of the soldier with the gas mask on. Source: Keith Jolie via the 18th Battalion Facebook Group.

September 1918 War Diary. September 13, 1918 entry refers to Private Jolie’s actions on that day. See transcription below.

At 5.00 a.m. this morning the enemy attempted a stealth raid against one of our posts this morning at W.9.b.40.30. This was repulsed. Pte. Jolie of “A” Coy. shot and killed the foremost German and wounded another breaking up the party. Body of the dead German was recovered. He was an N.C.O. from the 63rd I.R. 12th Div. and apparently leader of the raiding party. None of our men were missing. Protective patrols coved the Battalion frontage during the night, but had nothing to report. Our artillery active during the day on enemy’s forward and rear area. Hostile artillery active at intervals. Our snipers covered the Battalion’s frontage during the day but no targets were observed. Enemy snipers very active in W.9.b and W.15.b Visibility poor throughout the day, and little movement could been seen on ARRAS – CAMBRIA Road and vicinity. About 5.00 p.m. our artillery fired on OISY-LE-VERGER. Pass word for the night – “Knife”. 3 wounded