Temp Post for Private Fairburn


This is a placement post for reference. A more organized post will follow…

Summary of Service for Private William Wilson Bryce, reg. no. 770063


Date Event Remarks
September 21, 1895 Born St. Catherines, Ontario Canada to F.[i] and Jennie Fairburn. One of 4 children. Note that the 1901 Census has Edward’s name as Albert.
November 22, 1915 Enlists Enlists at St. Catherines, Ontario. Lt. Currey completes medical examination and the form is witnessed by an E.M. Wylie and certified as a true copy by Captain William Hamilton Wylie.[ii]
December 4, 1915 Transferred to C.M.R. TOS Canadian Mounted Rifles.
December 1915 to March 1916 In Canada Attached initially to 2nd Dragoon and then transferred to Canadian Mounted Rifles, 2nd Base Depot.
March 1, 1916 25 Days Detention Awarded 25 days detention. No notes as to the nature of the regulation(s) he broke.
March 29, 1916 Leaves Canada Embarks on S.S. Olympic.
April 1, 1916 Assigned Overseas Draft Assigned to 1st Overseas Draft.
April 1, 1916 Assigned Pay Assigned $15 per month of pay to his mother, Jane (Jennie) Fairburn residing at 11 Maple Street, St. Catherines, Ontario.
April 11, 1916. Arrives England Debarks for Shorncliffe, Kent.
April 12, 1916 Assigned to LSHRR. Arrives at the Canadian Calvary Depot and is assigned to Lord Strathcona Horse Royal Regiment.
September 17, 1916 Assigned 11th Reserve Battalion Transferred from a Calvary unit to an infantry unit.
September 28, 1916 Arrives Canadian Base Depot Arrives CBD and assigned to 18th Battalion.
October 10, 1916 Joined 18th Battalion in the field. The Battalion was still recovering from the battle in September at Flers-Courcelette. It was located at Bonneville, France at the Somme and Private Fairburn was one of the 126 other ranks that arrived as reinforcements that day.
April 4, 1917 Declared “Missing”. The attack on Vimy Ridge was imminent. The Battalion had practiced its tactical plan April 2, 1917 at Bois-des-Alleux. On this date the Battalion moved forward and started digging “jumping off” trenches.
May 31, 1917 Assigned Pay Assigned pay account closed as records show Private Fairburn reported missing is not reported killed in action.
January 29, 1918 Arrested Arrested in Bruay, France.
January 31, 1918 Returned to 18th Battalion Battalion moved to reserve at Hills Camp, Neuville-St.-Vaast.
February 7, 1918 Convicted Sentenced to death by a F.G.C.M. This sentence is confirmed by General Haig. Forfeits 299 days pay.
February 18 to 23, 1918 Hospitalized for VDS. Moved to No. 30 C.C.S., then to 3rd General Hospital, then 51st General Hospital, and then returned to 3rd General Hospital.
March 2, 1918 Executed Sentence of Death Carried Out.
March 27, 1918 Assigned Pay Assigned pay account reopened as Private Fairburn is alive. Cheque payable to the amount of $150.00 issued.
April 8, 1918 Obituary The St. Catherines Standard publishes the obituary for Private Fairburn recording his wounding as occurring on September 23, 1917 at Vimy Ridge. He died at No. 51. General Hospital in France on March 2, 1918. Circumstances of death either being suppressed or not being related to family? Longer than usual delay for publishing of obituary.
January 1, 1919 Assigned Pay Notation in pay records indicate that a refund from the assignee for $300.00.
November 17, 1920 Assigned Pay Notation in pay records appears to indicate that the Army is requesting $150.00 be refunded by Mrs. Fairburn. Last entry.
October 31, 2006 Pardoned for Desertion Per Section 359 of the Armed Forces Act 2006.

[i] Edward’s father’s name is unknown now.

[ii] It is unknown of there is any relation to the two men surnamed Wylie.

Vital Statistics

Fiarburn, Edward Notes
Service No. 227098
Unit Depot Regiment, Canadian Mounted Rifles
D.O.B. September 21, 185
Born St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada
Next of Kin Mrs. Jennie Fairburn Mother
Address at Enlistment 11 Maple Street, St. Catherines, Ontario
Trade Machinist
Marital Status Single
Military Experience 7 Months 19th Regiment
Apparent Age 20 years, 2 months
Height 5’ 6”
Chest Measurement 36”
Chest Expansion 2”
Complexion Ruddy
Eyes Blue
Hair Dark Brown
Distinctive Marks None
Religious Denom. Wesleyan
Attested St. Catherines, Ontario
Date November 22, 1915.
Medical Report
Physical Development Good Approved by Lt. Douglas Verral Currey
Weight 148 pounds Examined by Lt. Herbert Walter Martin

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