War Diary of the 18th Battalion: April 1916



18th Canadian Battalion 2nd Canadian Division

From 1st April to 30th April 1916

Volume 8 With appendices 1 -3

Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information
CLYTTE April 1 10:00 AM Battalion in Divisional Reserve at LA CLYTTE. B coy and 2 platoons of D coy moved to hold trenches P.1.2+3. Enemy artillery active on this part of the front. Our artillery made a continued bombardment of enemy communication trenches and reserves in vicinity of ST. ELOI. This shelling was intensified from 2 pm to 3 pm and again from 5.30 pm to 6 pm. 2 o.r. admitted to hospital, LIEUTS J.A. MACKINTOSH and S.L. GUNN proceeded on leave.


8 pm

Position as of yesterday. At 1.24 a.m. night of April ½ enemy made a bombing raid on trenches P4 which was repulsed by our artillery. 3.50 A.M. further bombing raid was repulsed by our bombers and machine guns.B & D Coys relieved by the 27th Can. Bn.
3 Battn. at LA CLYTTE. General inspection. Working party 50 men repairing dug outs at YOORMEZEELE. 3 o.r. killed in action. 5 o.r. admitted to hospital.
4 Battn. headquarters moved from LA CLYTTE to CAMP A. LIEUTS C.E.B. CORBOULD and H.R. MACKEDIE arrived as reinforcements. PART II orders No. 14 show 18 o.r. struck off strength.
5 Battn. in Reserve at CAMP A. Routine. 4 o.r. to hospital. 1 o.r. returned from hospital.
6 Position as yesterday. 5.30 AM Battn. “Stood To”. 7.30 AM Battn. moved up through VOORMEZEELE in reserve at CONVENT LANE. Front line held by 31st Can. Bn. Enemy artillery very active all day. This shelling was heavy on reserves and supports. CAPT. MCKEOUGH, CAPT. AMBERY [either Colley Lyons Foster or Clayton Everett Foster] and LIEUT. J. BAXTER returned from leave.
7 4.30 AM A and B coys withdrawn to CAMP A. C + D remained in reserve. Situation quieter. Leave cancelled. 6 o.r.s wounded. 1 o.r. returned from Hospital. Part II orders show – 2 o.r. died of wounds and 9 o.r.s invalided to ENGLAND and struck off strength.
8 18th Battn. now in support at VOORMEZEELE. Orders received from 4th Can. Inf. Brigade for Brigade to attack craters no. 2 and 3. 18th Battn. in conjunction with 19th Can. Bn. to attack crater no. 3. 2 o.r. Killed in action. 10 o.r.s wounded. 1 o.r. returned from hospital.










4.30 pm approx

For position see ___Laudatory.The Army Commander wishes to say how pleased he is with the good work done last night which was materially improved our position. He wishes General Rennie and the troops concerned informed. Every effort must now be concentrated on establishing communications from our front line to the crates and in organized bombing attacks.

Further comment by C.O. 18th

The Commanding Officer wishes to add that he is greatly pleased with the result of last night’s work and that the excellent work of the officers credit not only ourselves but to the whole of the 2nd Canadian Division


Operation order received from 4th Can. Inf. Bgde. for further operations tonight. LIEUT. BEESON struck off strength from 27.3.16. 1 or Killed in action. 25 o.r.s Wounded.


10 Relief and working parties as per Brigade orders attached. 20 o.r.s arrived as reinforcements.
11 Battalion relieved and move to CAMP I. LIEUTS D. NORTHCOMBE, J. KANE, C.H. KERR admitted to hospital. LIEUT. F. LAWSON reported “Died of Wounds” at C.C.S. no. 10. 9 o.r.s Killed in action. 1 o.r. Missing. 12 o.r.s wounded. 1 or returned from Hospital.
12 Battn. at CAMP I. Routine. LIEUT. J.A. CLARKE and 13 o.r.s wounded. 3 o.r.s Killed in action. 1 o.r. admitted to Hospital (sick). 1 o.r. returned from Hospital.
13 Battn. at CAMP I. 20 o.r.s Casualties reported admitted to Hospital. Routine.
14 Battn. at CAMP I. Routine and bath parades. CAPT. T.C. LAMB returned from leave. LIEUT. W.J. BAXTER admitted to hospital (sick). LIEUT. V.N. SMALLPIECE takes over duties as Adjutant. Part II order show – 1 o.r. “Died of Wounds” 3 o.r.s Killed in action. 10 o.r.s strength decrease.
15 Battn. in I Camp. Fatigue party 300 men to front line. 5 o.r.s admitted to hospital. 1 o.r. returned from Hospital.
16 3.00 pm Battn. in I Camp. Church parade 2 pm. Communion service. 2.30 pm. Inspection of rifles by Armourer Sergeants. 1 o.r. died of wounds. 2 o.r.s admitted to Hospital. 3 o.r.s returned from Hospital. LIEUT. W.S. McCLINTON arrived as reinforcement.
17 Battn. in I Camp. 10 AM. Commanding Officer parade. 4 o.r.s admitted to hospital. 3 o.r.s returned from Hosp.
18 Battn. in I Camp. Clothing parade. 1 o.r. returned from hospital.
19 3.00 pm Battalion moved to billets in DICKEBUSCH and relieved 22nd Can. Bn. 1 o.r. killed. 2 o.r.s returned from Hospital. LIEUT. J.M. CANE reported evacuated to England.
20 Battalion in DICKEBUSCH. 21 o.r.s arrived as reinforcements. 4 o.r.s admitted to Hospital. 4 o.r.s returned from Hospital.
21 7 pm. Battalion in DICKEBUSCH. LIEUT. V.N. SMALLPIECE (attached and Adjutant) returned to England. CAPT. T.C. LAMB A/Adjutant.Battalion moved to Brigade reserve at SCOTTISH WOOD and relieved the 31st Can. Bn.
22 Battalion in SCOTTISH WOOD. 2 companies garrison VOORMEZEELE SWITCH and R.6 old French trench during night. LIEUT C.H. KERR admitted to Hospital.
23 Battalion in SCOTTISH WOOD. 2 companies took over garrison VOORMEZEELE from 21st Can. Bn. 10 o.r. killed.
24 Battalion in SCOTTISH WOOD. 7.30 pm Relieved 21st Can. Bn in front line trenches 14 to 18 inclusive. 16 o.r. admitted to Hospital.
25 Battalion in Trenches. Very quiet day, nothing unusual occurred. LIEUT. H.A. COLTER arrived as reinforcement.
26 10:30 pm Battalion in Trenches. 10 pm Advanced party of 24th Can. Bn. arrived to commence relief.Heavy bombardment. Bombing and artillery opened up from enemy side. This continued until 11.15 pm.
27 3.30 AM Relief completed. Battn. in A camp ST. HURBERTSUSHOCK. 9 o.r.s admitted to Hospital.
28 Battn. in A camp. Men payed [sic] during morning. Muster parade in afternoon.
29 Battn. in A camp. 12 noon Battn. moved to I camp RENIGHELST. Clothing parade and fatigue of 8 officers and 350 men out during night. 1 o.r. admitted to Hospital. 8 o.r. returned from Hospital. LT. COL. WIGLE proceeded on leave. MAJOR MILLIGAN assumed command.
30 12.30 AM


11.30 AM

Battn. called to “Stand to” on account of enemy gas attack on our right. Battn. “Stood down” again at 2.30 pm but remained on a state of readiness during the whole day.Church parade at which LT. GEN. ALDERSON attended.


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